What your campus lunch spot says about you

If it’s at Falmer Bar you’re ballin’

It’s a well-known fact that Brighton is one of the towns in the UK with the highest density of places to eat out, and campus is no exception. Brightonians love the simple things in life, like a good pile of greasy, cheesy chips. Campus is no exception to the rule.

The pull of the £3.25 meal deals at Co-Op proves too much to resist to most, but what vibe are you giving off when you pick up your protein pot from Eat Central? Wonder no more.

Falmer Bar

Falmer Bar types know what’s up, they’re super-savvy. Home of the best fry-up on campus, Falmer Bar is the perfect place to lunch, breakfast, or brunch. It’s not too shabby or too fancy, so if you lunch at Falmer, you’re probably the kind of person everyone wants to be mates with, the kind of person who seems to be everywhere at once. Congratulations.

The Deli @ Falmer Bar

You’ve got to be loaded to lunch here, because who wouldn’t want to pay more than £4 for a simple sandwich, right? Deli-goers appreciate the finer things in life, and are willing to sacrifice a lot of cash and a lot of time in the queue to get it. They’re trying to up your cheese ploughman meal deal from co-op, and they want you to know that their cheese toastie came with guacamole and 4 kinds of hand-roasted veg.

East Slope 

Although the Slope has pretty much the same menu and pricing as Falmer, it gives off a totally different message. If you lunch here, you probably love to day drink, watch sports, and somehow make a plate of nachos for 1 feed you plus four mates. Long story short, you’re fun and carefree, but your neat-freak housemates who won’t touch alcohol until the evening are probably judging you and worrying about you in equal measure.

Eat Central /Dine Central 

If you eat here, people will probably assume you’re either a) a foreign exchange student or b) one of those rare people who chooses catering. If you’re neither, you are definitely a brave soul to head into these huge, packed, hives of activity and buy something not quite identifiable- what was in that soup again?

Street Eats

You are a true foodie. You started out buying a burrito/curry/sushi roll just the once because you felt a sense of pride helping local businesses, and now you’re addicted. Bangin’ Burritos aren’t just a lunch, they are a cult item. You nod at your fellow burrito-bearers with knowing eyes. The mac and cheese man knows you by name, and the day you miss vegan Indian food on a Tuesday is the day you’re dead. Long story short, you know good food when you see it, but you have a worryingly additive personality.



You’re a creature of habit, a habit so strong that you’re willing to endure queues of 15 minutes in order to bag a mediocre lunch of your usual bagel. The meal deal is the average Joe of student cuisine, and is suitable for any occasion. At some point, you’ll realise that it is not exactly a meal, nor a deal, but you’ll keep telling yourself that you’ll cut back on your egg and bacon breakfast sandwiches next week.

Dhaba Cafe /Arts Cafe 

You’re so artsy, and you want everyone to know it. You like your coffee strong and your room to be filled with annotated philosophy books, incense, tarot cards, and wall hangings. You pair your cup of coffee with a pair of vegan shoes, a slouchy beanie, various piercings, and the token Macbook. Either that or you’re secretly a professor.

Bridge Cafe /IDS Bar 

Do you even exist? Do these places even exist? If you say you’ve been for an IDS Bar lunch, people will probably assume that you’re a postgrad on their 5th degree in science or environment/development studies. You’re a rare and mystical creature.