Uber set to come to Brighton… soon

There’s still no confirmed date

Beloved taxi-hailing app Uber is set to come to Brighton – but it remains unclear when we’ll see their Priuses around our city.

Uber is now set to be granted a one year licence by Brighton & Hove city council, as a test period.

In October 2015, an uber spokeswoman told the BBC: “We submitted our application over seven months ago and we’ve since seen over 85,000 people download and open the app so we’re excited about the potential in the region.”


Speaking to the Argus, panel chair Cllr Mo Marsh said: “We want Uber to compete on a level playing field by signing up to the terms of the Blue Book.

“They made a commitment to do that in public and this one-year permission will test the strength of that commitment.”

But the announcement was made in October last year, and students are still patiently waiting to be able to Uber to campus the morning after the night before.

For now, the students of Brighton will just have to keep peeking at towns on YikYak who are lucky enough to already have Uber.