Teh Univursity of Susex page is the best thing in Brighton right now

We spoke to the creator behind it

A few weeks ago, a parody page called ‘Teh Univursity of Susex’ came into existence, and despite the ever-growing popularity of the page, nobody has yet owned up to creating the page or any of its content.

The page shares homemade memes, pictures and videos which poke fun at both Sussex and Brighton university – and it’s bloody hilarious.

In the short period of time that it has existed, the page has gained over 2,000 likes.

Some of their most popular pictures and videos get hundreds of likes, with students all over campus sharing the content and tagging their mates in the page.

The most popular post so far is a gem of a video, which blends John Lewis’ iconic 2015 Christmas ad with a uni recruitment video.

The Tab contacted the founder of the notorious page, who wishes to remain anonymous.

They said: “I was actually making memes and various things to post on Yik Yak, and they often did quite well on there, so I thought I would make a Facebook page to post my content onto.

“I remember starting the page and having 10 likes, Now I have over 2,000 which I find astounding – I’m really pleased that so many people seem to enjoy the content I’m making and I will continue to keep making it in future!”

One Brighton student seemed to miss the point of the parody entirely, commenting: “Shame the name of your Facebook page proves Brighton uni is better.... It’s the* not teh ‪#‎brightonisbetter‬ ‪#‎panthersforlife‬ ‪#‎sorrynotsorry‬.”

However, most students are more keen. Emilie, a linguistics student in her final year at Sussex, said: “I know this page is trash, but I love it anyway.”

You can check the page in all it’s glory out for yourselves by clicking here.