Vote: Which halls are the best in Sussex?

Obv not Stamner Court

We’ve all settled into halls now, and a lot of students are very protective of theirs. So it’s time to settle this once and for all: which halls will be the alpha?

Park Houses : Best for social butterflies


Park houses: the respectable, not too cheap, not too expensive of the halls. It’s a halls within halls, so it’s right up there on the social factor of making new pals when you move in. Maybe if you’re not a thriving socialite, or if you need lots of fridge space, these halls aren’t for you because essentially you’re living in a massive house full of tonnes of students. Park houses are loud and you will hear the odd “GET IT DOWN YOU, ZULU WARRIOR” every night. The kitchens are pretty spacious, and not student spacious- more like you-could-probably-do-a-couple-of-cartwheels spacious- so a conversion into a night time basement rave is not completely out the question.

Lewes Court: Best for bringing home a one night stand


Not too dissimilar from Park Houses, same cosy little set up; a block of flats – so if the people you’re sharing with are a nightmare, see if you can find some more bearable mates downstairs. Bit pricier though, but getting an en-suite/only sharing your toilet with 5 other people is worth the extra pennies, and if you’re lucky, your flat also has a bath. That’s if you’re willing to sit in god knows who else’s grime, and people have probably shagged in there (also a bonus point of Lewes Court some might say).

Brighthelm: Best for those who love home comforts

Freshers at Brighthelm halls, Sussex University

Brighthelm shouldn’t even count as halls, but then again you’re living in a nice big house so who gives a fuck. However, Brighthelm is not known for the social aspect of living there, for starters you only live with 4 other people and it’s easier than you’d think to hate 4 other humans. If your party days are over, Brighthelm is the place to be. It’s not all bad though- Brighthelm has its own washing machines so you don’t have to miss lunch just to afford to do your laundry. More importantly, there are balcony’s so you can have a nice cig without having to go outside, or having your room smell of fags.

Park Village: Best for penny-pinchers


Ah good old Park Village. Said no-one ever. That said, living with 11 other people does have its plus points, you’re likely to find at least 1 other person you’ll get along with, plus a large possibility you and the majority of your housemates will bond greatly. Starting uni with like 11 mates isn’t a bad thing to boast about. Yes, two toilets and two showers between 12 people is kind of rank, yes Park Village is cheap, but it doesn’t make finding a variety of other people’s pubes in your shower any more pleasurable. At least the cleaner comes in once a week aye. You could be loving that no-table life.

East Slope: Best for partying on a budget

east slope roof

The fact that East Slope is the cheapest accommodation is one of its main selling points. If you can live with having only one shower and toilet between up to 12. The kitchen and communal area are a decent size and layout though and most the people you will be sharing it will probably be the quirky, fun, party people who the slope attracts. Flat parties are another well-known and common occurrence , so when your loan starts to run out, your Friday and Saturday nights are sorted on the cheap. Most times you don’t even have to know the person having the flat party, just take a tour round East Slope and you’ll find someone high enough to invite you in.

Swanborough: Best for luxury-lovers


At £150 a week just for a fucking en-suite you might as well forget it, but if like most Swanborough tenants you probably get enough money off mumsy and daddy to ease the pain of the pricey rent, go for it. Your flatmates in Swanborough are probably those ‘dickhead, most likely tory students’ that ridicule the East Slope kids and they’ll probably be talking about their mansion back in Surrey if they’re not bitching about their other flatmates behind their back. Luckily, as Swanborough is the most central to campus, you’re in prime position for co-op runs.

Northfield: Best for partying, but not on a budget


When you tell people you live in Northfield they’ll probably give you the ‘oh, you’re balling’ eyes, then you either try and make some excuse to make you seem less loaded or you’ll sit there smug like ‘fuck yeah I am’.  Northfield kitchens are huge so if you’re lucky enough to have flat mates that you gel with and aren’t up their own arse, it can be a great setting for pre drinks. There’s usually always one ridiculously noisy flat in each block in Northfield having a party,  However it but these parties can escalate and end with mattresses being thrown out of windows, so live here at your own peril, or pleasure.

Stamner Court, best for…?

stanmer court

Most people seem to forget Stamner Court even exists until they go to the train station and walk past the prison-esque Stamner Court. You have to get through a gate to get in, so you’re basically royalty. At least being close to the train station is good, but the constant noise of the A27 next to you can be a buzz kill. The rush hour at the crack of dawn  is just not the one. Your flatmates here will most likely be a dull bunch, medical students (who have no time for partying) or only at uni for a term, so have fun on your own in your isolated ivory tower, unless you got lucky and made friends outside Stamner.