What your Brighton takeaway says about you

It’s all true

brighton food personality takeaway

Students all know that we’re not the best cooks in town so sometimes we have to leave the kitchen clean (or not) and order in. Brighton does have some of the best restaurants and takeaways in the country, after all. But when all you can cook is some burned beans with undercooked rice, what does your takeaway reveal about you?

Domino’s: you’re painfully average and suck at cooking

A bit burned you said? But it was pasta, how was that even possible? You are definitely not ready to cook and your flatmates are done with that fire alarm which you set off when you cook (especially when it’s freezing outside). So you prefer to stick with your best mate Domino’s and invite your friends over to get the most out of your many coupons. Pizza is a key part of your prinks, and you always save a slice for when you get back at 3am.

Pompoko: You’re addicted and have spent all your loan on Katsu and rice

You don’t care about the price of the food, all you want is some good quality Japanese. Pompoko is part of your weekly routine, without which you won’t survive uni. Pompoko is a cult, not a restaurant, so say bye to your money and hello to that fried chicken curry with rice.

Swallow House: Yo’re a people-pleaser

There are so many Chinese places in Brighton, but Swallow House is the go-to for people from Kemptown to Coldean. You’re a friendly sort who always asks flatmates if they’d like to choose something first, and may even pay for theirs if you’re feeling generous. Share the spring roll love.

Bhindis: You’re super patient

You know Bhindis is, without a doubt, the best Indian in Brighton. It’s another cult favorite. But be warned, it takes quite a while for your order to be delivered. That hour or two doesn’t matter to you as long as you can enjoy that delicious curry at the end of the day. Or at 2 a.m because, you ordered a bit too late and didn’t expect it to be delivered a decade late. For best Bhindis results, you’re going to have to pick it up.

Ali Baba: You’re a party animal

You are definitely the type of person to skip dinner then order lots of food after a long night out. You just want to get back to your room at the crack of dawn and sit down and eat that kebab before sleeping all day, or possibly passing out with half a kebab on your desk. You’ve been dancing all night and all you need afterwards is some food that’s so bad, it tastes good.

Purezza: You love bunnies

We get it, you’re vegan. Yes, your pizza tastes delicious, and yes, it is probably a million times healthier than my large Dominoes stuffed crust, but everyone is bored of you preaching about how giving up cheese has helped you reach enlightenment.

Back-A-Yard: You’re a free spirit

While your neighbours order in, you spritz on some vegan perfume and cycle on down to this hole-in-the-wall wearing your best harem pants. Restaurants are just too mainstream for you.