A third year has lost his toy bear and is campaigning to get it back

It’s been panda-monium for Koomrag

A 21-year-old student has lost his beloved toy panda, affectionately named Koomrag.

It happened when Koomrag was taken onto campus last Thursday in order to quell any doubt of his existence.

Deciding to seize a good opportunity, Koomrag became the subject of a private photoshoot in the Jubilee building.

A somewhat dirty Koomrag with one of many fans.

A somewhat dirty Koomrag with one of many fans

Unwilling to be named due to his age, his owner said he thought: “It would be a laugh in the process and something to show my family.”

It was only when the student got home that he realised he had left his beloved Koomrag at University, but when he returned to get him, he found that he had gone missing, perhaps taken by a student claiming one man’s Koomrag as their own.

Just a guy about town.

Just a guy about town

Koomrag’s owner is eager to get his bear back home where he belongs. He said: “I really want Koomrag back as he needs to be reunited with his best friend Hanjoob who is a seal.”

It’s not known whether Koomrag was simply moved or stolen by someone looking to save on some Christmas presents, but if he was stolen the owner believes them to be one “sick freak.”

In a bid to get Koomrag home safe he is now appealing to the students of Sussex.


Just look at him

If you have seen this man’s Koomrag, or know anything of his disappearance we urge you to get in contact by emailing [email protected]

Help bring him home: A Koomrag is for life, not just for Christmas.