Casablanca is the night we all love to hate

But we still go all the time

Located in prime position near the seafront and Sticky Mike’s, Casablanca is the jazzy club so many people at Sussex love to hate.

Once, I drunkenly Yakked from the chippy I had a great night at Casa. My Yak got downvoted quicker than my student loan had disappeared, and drunken me was sad no-one in town shared my joy. Sober me can only conclude people don’t like Casa because it’s cheesy, but that’s ridiculous. If a night out isn’t fun, then what’s the point?

Sure, it gets boring seeing the same band play similar covers every week, but it gets boring listening to the same club music every week, too.

Yes it’s cheesy, but it’s fab

Casa prides itself on being “the home of having a good time”, so stop being miserable and admit you can love a bit of live jazz and funk under your hard exterior. The house band are super-talented and are eye-candy enough once you’ve had a few shots. You’ll never see anyone sitting down in Casa while the band is on, and for one good reason: they play tunes we hate to love until we’ve had a drink, and then just love openly.

If you haven’t heard a live Uptown Funk vs Michael Jackson mashup that lasts over five minutes, you haven’t lived. Live music and proper dancing is a rarity in a town where most clubs either play indie and alternative tracks, or the top 40 remixed to include mediocre drops.

It’s even a good place to pull. On Thursdays they host a jam night, so you could bag a sexy musician – and we all know bass players finger faster, drummers hit it harder, and singers can make you scream. They also have an interval where you can grab a booth and get to know your potential shag without the worry of not being able to hear them over the music, and enough space to actually dance with your partner rather than being awkwardly pressed up against them for hours on end.

But if you want nothing more than to be left alone to dance and drink as much as you please, Casa is also ideal. It doesn’t tend to attract letchy lads, or ladies for that matter, so you can enjoy the night without worrying about prying eyes or wandering hands.

Brighton also has some pretty expensive nights out for a student town (£8 or more for entry to Pryzm on a Saturday? No, thanks), but a night out at Casa can be achieved even if you’re scraping the bottom of your overdraft. Tequila shots are only £1.10, some beers are only £1.60, and singles are £1.60 with free mixer, plus entry is usually only £2. Long story short, plan your predrinks well and you can have a night out for under £15 including bus fare if you hit up Casa.

Brighton seems to breed a culture of choosing where to go on a night out judging on if it’s edgy, not caring much about if you actually enjoy the night. I’ve heard many a student bitching about how their housemates are crap for no reason other than they voluntarily go to Pryzm, Casa or Shoosh and enjoy it. You’re no better than anyone else because you only go to small, underground gigs or shroom-fueled house parties. If you can’t appreciate a night of live music, dirt-cheap drinks and DJs who actually play something other than the top 40,  I feel sorry for you.