The referendum for The Badger’s independence is no longer going ahead

Badger vote has been culled

The vote deciding The Badger’s independence from the SU has been cancelled.

On Monday 23rd November, it emerged that following recent tensions between the SU and their broadsheet, The Badger, students would be able to vote on whether or not the paper should cut ties with the SU.

However, just hours after The Badger put this news in their print edition, the vote was cancelled. This is because if students voted yes, The Badger would have no choice but to become independent, even if doing so would not be possible for practical and financial reasons.

In her statement, Rianna Gargiulo, Welfare Officer said: “Members of The Badger team asked the Union’s Executive Committee (who had submitted the original referendum proposal in conjunction with members of The Badger team) to rephrase the referendum question to leave The Badger with the option not to go ahead with independence if they determined it was not viable or desirable.

“This was not possible so the referendum was withdrawn from the autumn term voting period. In the meantime Students’ Union officers and staff will be working with members of The Badger team to find out more about how independence would work and if this is something students would like.”