Where to go for a cheap night out in Brighton

One for every day of the week

It’s that time of year again. Your student loan is running out, rent is due and bills are piling up, but all you want to do is relieve a little exam/deadline stress.

What do you do? You could stay at home watching Nextflix or you could try out one of the many cheap deals the bars and clubs of Btown have on offer.

Cheapest pre drinks – Ye Old King & Queen

Is it still called pre drinks if you get so drunk during it that you don’t actually manage to make it to the club?

Not drunk at all

Ali, a second year, said: “I love going to Ye Old King & Queen because they sell super cheap drinks for most nights of the week, meaning you have an excuse to get drunk all the time (laughs), not that you needed one though obvs.

“My favourite deal is the cocktails which are about £3 or the £2.50 glasses of wine.”

You can also get Vodka mixers for £2, Morgans Spiced mixers for £3 and Jägermeister for a cheeky £1.50.

Monday – Fat Poppadaddys @ The Haunt

Mondays don’t have to be a quiet affair, with a chilled atmosphere and classic artists on the playlist such as Florence and the Machine, Outkast, Kings of Leon and Daft Punk, we all heart the Haunt.

When Brighton students were asked what their favourite thing about Fat Pops was: “Getting five jagerbombs for £5” was the general response. Who can blame them?


5 bombs 4 £5 anyone?

Tuesday – Donuts @ Green Door store

It’s the best place to go on Tuesday because the vibe is super chilled, they play a variety of soul, disco, hip-hop, funk, plus you get a free doughnut and which broke student is going to turn down free food?

The drinks can be a lil pricy though so defo prink- up. However entry is free so, compared to somewhere like CU next Tuesday @ The Arch (which can be quite shitty and charges £3 entry) it’s normally a pretty cheap night. Another good shout is £2 Tuesdays at Revenge, which will only set you back £3 for entry and a drink.

Ryan, a second year Chemistry student, said for pres: “The Font on a Tuesday is my favourite pub in Brighton because it’s the only one I can afford. Yates and Oxygen Bar are usually pretty cheap too, but this is definitely the best.”


Go to the font even if it’s just for the cute lights

Wednesday – Epik @ Pryzm

It’s the place to be mid-week. It’s a popular one with students, which goes without saying.

Different rooms play different kinds of jams all night long, and Pryzm is famed for being the place to pull. Entry is around £4 (for students with an nus/id). With £2.50 drinks deals and 2-4-1 cocktails all night, there’s a high chance you’ll end the night feeling truly blithered.

SKINT at The Globe on a Wednesday isn’t even that cheap anyway, and besides, it’s a pub.


Totally sober

Thursday -Secret discotheque @ The Haunt

This is a great night because it’s super cheap on entry (£2 guest list) and always a fun night. Compared to a night at Shooshh (which is always a bit trashy to say the least), they play proper cheesy, pop-py music like Katy Perry, Queen, Whitney Housten, Beyonce, Spice Girls, S-Club 7 and Michael Jackson – all the acts we love to love.

Plus they do five Jagerbombs for £5.

Amy, a maths second year, said: “It’s great if you’re a lightweight like me.”

Fomo @ Revenge is also a good shout, as they do £1 drinks deals when the alarm sounds throughout the night.

Friday – Friday I’m in Love @ Coalition 

Friday I’m in Love @ Coalition is a little more pricey but still not too shabby for a Friday: entry is £3 on guest list before midnight and loads of drinks are on offer for less than £2.50 a pop.


Beer goggles

Saturday – Hideaway @ Lola Lo

Finding a cheap night out on a Saturday is always a bit of a mission, however with free guestlist entry before 10.30pm and half price cocktails before 11pm, our winner is Hideaway, Brighton’s very own tacky Hawaii. Take full advantage of their deals and get totally hammered.

It beats a Saturday Pryzm anyway. £8 entry after 10.30pm? No thanks.

Sunday – Funday @ Wah Kiki

For those of you not wanting to end your weekend and aiming for a Monday hangover in your 9am seminar, there are cheap options on Sunday nights. Sunday Funday at Wah Kiki is the best. There’s a shisha terrace, corona buckets and cocktail jugs, which all makes for a nice chilled-out vibe.