Has Christmas come to campus too early?

Ho, ho, holy shit the tree is back

If you were brave or mad enough to be on campus this Sunday in the wind and rain, you probably noticed the small matter of the massive tree in the middle of library square.

It’s that time of year already, apparently.

Prepare to fall deep into that overdraft through buying Christmas gifts and spending a lot of time day drunk on mulled wine or cider: the 6 week mega-buildup to the most stressful (yet somehow the best)holiday of the year is upon us.

The tree is undecorated and naked at present, which is probably for the best as gale-force winds are predicted for much of this week in Brighton and the South East in general.

The tree may be decorated at a later date, but the uni needs to get a move on if they want to deck the halls: there are just over 3 weeks of term remaining.

The big question still remains: is it too early to get christmassy?