SU served burgers wrongly labelled Halal

It was a genuine mistake

The SU has been selling meat wrongly labelled as Halal since September.

On November 5th, while most of us were getting drunk and watching a massive David Cameron effigy head for the bonfires of Lewes, the SU released some shocking news.

Since September, Falmer Bar and East Slope Bar, as well as late-night eatery The Hatch, have been serving up burgers which were wrongly marked as Halal.

Meat marked as Halal is meant to be killed in a way which adheres to Islamic law as defined in the Koran.

The SU has contacted the Islamic Society for advice, and are trying to “work with them to regain the confidence of Muslim students who feel let down by the service provision.”

ISoc are extremely popular on campus, with over 180 Facebook members. They meet regularly for worship, socialising, and fundraisers.

In their statement, the SU said: “This was a genuine mistake and not done maliciously. As soon as the error was noticed staff were asked to ensure customers ordering this product knew it was not halal. The menus have been corrected and customers will be informed the beef burgers are not halal when they order them.

Checking the menus are accurate is the responsibility of our catering provider, but we share the responsibility for what happens in our bars. This error was not noticed when the menus were designed or checked by our bar or kitchen staff. ”

The SU have clarified that only beef burgers were involved in this mix up, and that chicken products marked Halal are rightfully labelled, as are products in the Union Shop.