Brighton has been voted the best student town

Who doesn’t love people, progression and pot?

On Monday, the Independent chose Brighton as the best student city in the UK.

Who saw that coming? (Jokes, we all did, Brighton is the best). According to them, what makes it so damn amazing are the beautiful beach, the nightlife, its varied culture and the iconic North Laines. There’s no denying those are some of the best things about our favourite city, but there’s more to it than that. 

Most good things in Brighton begin with P, but the P-rule isn’t always applicable – you want to avoid the pier… and possibly Pryzm.

The people


Only in Brighton

One of the best things about the city has to be its eclectic mix of weird and wonderful people. You’re always sure to find someone interesting to talk to, whether it’s in a pub, on a night out or in RFC after the night out. Campus and town are full of local legends, including the guy who always dresses up as a dog and plays piano.

It’s progressive

brighton pride

Generally speaking, Brighton is a very liberal and open-minded city – open to others, ideas, trends, music and it’s nice to be in such a tolerant, non-exclusive place. Lefties abound.

We’ve got all the pints


One problem you will never ever EVER encounter in Brighton is not finding a perfect pint. They may not be the cheapest in the country, but they’re a damn sight cheaper than London. Also, we love to fucking brew here, with brands like Seacider being made on our doorstep.

We are as political as it gets

It’s nice to be in a city where the majority of students are politically active, or at least aware. There are so many new movements, demos and solidarity with issues big and small around the world… and who doesn’t love seeing Caroline Lucas chilling

about their uni library?!

Pompoko is bae


Forget about wagamama’s… that was SO 2005. We have Pompoko, a cheaper, tastier version where you can see pictures of all the dishes, enjoy daily specials and BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE. If you haven’t popped your Pompoko cherry, do it ASAP.

It’s super easy to get pot

No one can deny how good it feels walking through the Level with a joint in hand in broad daylight and knowing that it is totally acceptable… if not mandatory.

Honourable mention goes to the hangover holy grail – Bhindi’s. I mean where would we all be without it? In a very, very dark place.