Sex lives of the South East revealed: We love spooning

But are we really THAT kinky?

The UK’s favourite sex positions have been revealed, and they may surprise you.

Online Pharmacy UK Medix asked 2,157 brits to take part in the survey, to find out gems such as how kinky people think they are and how many people actually practice safe sex nowadays .


It seems that we aren’t as exciting as you may have thought as missionary is actually the UK’s favourite position.

South East folk are sensitive souls, with 38% of us favouring spooning as the favourite position. Very intimate.  If you’re from London, you’ll probably find a lot of people back home who love to have sex standing up. Overpriced and tiny rooms lead to vertical sex, apparently.

Northern Ireland were found to be the most savvy in regards to contraception, with 79% saying they know how to protect themselves.  These figures go massively downhill in the West Midlands to only 35%.

Maybe a follow up survey on Sexually Transmitted Diseases is in order too, as only 34% of people questioned in the South East used protection every time.

Now for the fun part. The final part of the survey asked the participants how kinky they considered themselves to be on a scale of 1- 10 with 1 being completely traditional and 10 being extremely experimental.

The South East consider themselves to be VERY experimental, they rated themselves a massive 9 out of 10. This makes us the kinkiest area in the country. 50 Shades and chill?