Sussex is ranked 19th best uni in the UK in yet another league table

It claims to be the ‘table of tables’

The latest Times Higher Education table of tables has been released, which combines the results of the three main university league tables. It has placed Sussex in at 19 out of the top 30 universities listed, just below Leeds and above Kent.

The entrance of Sussex into the table is quite surprising as the university hadn’t been featured on the list since way back in 2012. Shooting back onto the list as a new entry must certainly be a feather in the cap of university management who will see this as a significant victory.

Sussex is now starting to look like a university on the rise in the eyes of the national press.


The positive press must be a welcome sight to many at Sussex given that the university has been better known for scandals and incidents in recent years. Back in 2011 a Hungarian gang with links to organised crime allegedly ran a brothel out of halls of residence in Park Village.

In 2013 amid anti-privatisation protests the university excluded five students who came to be known as “The Sussex Five” and received national attention. That situation eventually resulted in the university back peddling and earlier this month agreed to pay £20k in compensation to Michael Seglov after a legal battle.

The new ranking for Sussex will be great news for outgoing Vice Chancellor Michael Farthing who recently announced his intention to step down next year.

For the rest of us however, the rankings are probably just something that will make your parents mildly pleased.