Library pigeon is back

The BBNOC (Biggest Bird Name on Campus) makes his triumphant return

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Last year, exam season saw the library plagued by a mysterious winged figure.

He caused a storm on social media, with YikYak, Facebook and Twitter fast becoming breeding grounds for bird-based speculation.

Snapchat famous

Over summer, campus was empty. No students, no pigeons in the library. Dark times had descended upon us all.

One week before term started, library pigeon was thankfully spotted once more. Schoolchildren touring the library had to make sure that lib pidge couldn’t shit on them, or their hopes and dreams of one day living on East Slope.

He watches over us lowly humans

Since then, the library pigeon has once more become a permanent fixture in the library. It’s week 3, and he shows no sign of leaving after his first month back. Library staff, tired of constant pigeon-based questioning, erected signs last week which said: “We know that there’s a pigeon”.

Facebook is going crazy for the feathery fiend. One student posted “a pigeon spent more time than I did in the library? Good on it, hope it gets a first.”

A welcomed distraction

This pigeon has sparked fan theories heard in whispered conversations: “I’m pretty sure it’s the new librarian”, “I’ve heard they called animal control to chase him with brooms”, “He is immortal, there’s nothing in there for him to eat”

Stay gold, library pigeon. You’re making a lot of students ridiculously happy. You’re technically a pest, but Sussex loves you anyway.