Kids With Beards

Ninos con Barbas


Has love become a consumable product? Can the Teletubbies be a vessel for poignant education? To what extent has celebrity culture fetishized the inadequacies of privacy?

These are merely some of the profound questions I found asking myself during the most recent performance of ‘Kids with Beards’, a group of Sussex students and grads who have been taking the comedy scene by storm over the last few years.

The comedy group from Brighton showcased some of their sketches for their upcoming Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show ‘KWBs present: Niños Con Barbas!’

Their performance in the intimate setting at The Globe will have provided a very promising impression for their future dates in Scotland.

The sketches vary from the sort of awkward humour you would expect from Mitchell and Webb to the semi-genius wordplay of Fry and Laurie.

The diversity of the writing from Alex Nash is either a testament to one of the most promising British comic writers or a deep and dark insight into the mind of a very confused and possibly dangerous young man.

The six actors that make up the rest of the group are Alex, Belle, Jessy, Tobi, James and Sam. While only actually one of them has a significant amount of facial hair, they tick most of the post-pubescent infantile boxes to be accurately described as Kids with Beard.

They get all the stars.

You can catch this talented bunch on 25th July at The Joker of Penton Street in Angel, or at their free Edinburgh Fringe show at the Just the Fancy Room from August 17th.