Spotted: Best of deadline dash

All work and no play makes Sussex full of these people.

deadlines library spotted

As thousands of you ran to hand in essays which were the product of 36 hours with no sleep, Facebook’s Sussex spotted page started filling up. Here are some of the best of the best.

The man who needs permission to nap…

“Middle of the afternoon and this guy pops over and asks permission to take a nap opposite me. You don’t need my approval mate but if you start snoring I’m throwing your shoes at you.”

Casually dressing like Marvel’s Daredevil

The gaming legend

Many students come to the library to seek solace from the distractions at home. This guy, on the other hand, bought his fave distractions along…

Mad skills.

The budding, sleep-deprived yogi 

Maybe finding inner peace (or just a good stretch) will help you get a 2:1. This sleepy student definitely thinks so.

‘Namastay in bed


 Is it a coat? Is it a blanket? No, it’s this person…

“Guideline to sleeping in the Library.”

Hibernation is in vogue right now


The pick-up artist extraordinaire

“To this boy in the Third floor silent tank area: this isn’t the place for speed dating. You’ve talked to 4 girls. But I do hope you found you match as you spoke to this one the longest before she departed. But things can come to an end pretty quickly, don’t they?”

Get in there?

The mystery Shawcross student

“To the man that works through the night and sleeps through the day in Shawcross, I admire your loyalty to this room, however I’ve politely asked you three times to leave due to the fact that having a lawnmower in the back of the room is somewhat distracting, and I am now beginning to wonder if we should send help, are you ok?”

Dedication at its finest

The serial faceplanter

“To the girl sitting next to me, are you sure your’re ok? You’ve passed out for hours. I suggest you go home because it is really beginning to affect my study.”

Go home, love.

The interior designer

“To whoever has clearly gone mental in study room 1.8 and stuck a lifetimes supply of notes all over the walls, calm the fuck down.”

We lied. This is truly dedication at its finest.

For those of you who have still got exams and hand-in’s to go, shine on, you crazy diamonds.

Congratulations to those who have made it to the end of their year, and even bigger congratulations to those of you who still managed to sleep every night while doing it.