Great grad prospects for Sussex

Good news, for once: Sussex makes the top 25 universities based on grad prospects

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The ranker wankers at The Complete University Guide have released their 2016 tables,which rate universities on entry standards, student satisfaction, research quality, and graduate prospects.

Sussex has bagged 21st place in the grad prospect stakes, which is a whopping jump up from 38th place last year. Overall, Sussex scored 812/1000 overall, which is pretty sweet considering that Cambridge was the only uni to bag full marks (shocker).

This year, Sussex has introduced new shadowing experience for first generation freshers, and heaps of paid internships for 2nd year first generation students. They’ve also upped their online game by making a new site for students called Careerhub, which makes it easy to search and apply for jobs, training, and events.

The news isn’t so rosy if you study at Brighton. Brighton only managed 76th place in the grad prospect stakes, down a few spots from 2015’s 73rd. On the plus side, Brighton still bagged 608/1000 overall. If that were a dissertation, it’d get a 2:1.