Tab poll results: ‘Sweet’ Caroline backed by over a third of Sussex Uni

She so dreamy


Caroline Lucas can sleep easy tonight – 35 per cent of Sussex students are planning to vote Green tomorrow, our Tab poll reveals.

The green-fingered fracker-fucker crushed her nearest opponents Labour into second place on 24 per cent.

Caroline Lucas relaxes at home

Caroline Lucas relaxes at home

David Cameron’s long-term economic plan and hardy mistrust of the working class is set to garner 23 per cent of the Sussex vote.

1 in 20 at Sussex don’t know who they’re voting for with a day to go, and the same number are set to back the runny-nosed apologists in the Liberal Democrat party.

Of those who took our survey, 5 per cent won’t be voting at all. 2 per cent will vote Socialist, and the same number will vote ale-chugging pantomime villains UKIP.

A significant 58 per cent will be voting in Brighton Pavilion, widely regarded as a “student swing seat”.

Running back to their mummies, 37 per cent will vote in their home constituencies, and 5 per cent are set to vote in Brighton Kemptown.