Shooshh starts to breathalyse clubbers

Shooshh staff will breathalyze punters who appear to be too drunk.


If you’re planning a night out, don’t turn up to Shooshh already steaming, as staff now have the opportunity to breathalyse you and refuse entry.

The club has set its entry limit at twice the drinking and driving limit, which is the equivalent of roughly 4 pints.

While the club and Sussex Police have justified this action by claiming it will reduce rowdiness and other troubles, many people aren’t so keen.

Some have taken to Facebook to attack this move as a money-making scheme for the club – if you can’t pre-drink as much, you have to spend more on drinks at the bar, which is far from the cheapest in town.

Speaking to The Argus, Shooshh manager Albie Saliba said: “We pride ourselves on setting a high standard within the city. We strongly believe in this initiative and in working closely with police licensing to help reduce the amount of potential crime and disorder while keeping the public as safe as possible.

“We hope this will help people to drink responsibly so they can enjoy their experiences within a safe, friendly and entertaining environment.”

if you go to Shooshh, you won’t have as much fun as this lot.