A guy tried to break into my house because he was so drunk he thought he still lived there

‘He was so wasted he forgot where he’d been living for the past year’

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Picture the scene: you’re in bed, fast asleep, stark naked, when your door handle starts rattling like something out of a horror movie.

Then, someone starts trying to break the door down with all their weight.

This is what George Dixon, a Law second year, awoke to on Wednesday night.

Thankfully, the intruder wasn’t a burglar or a killer, just a normal student named James who had lived at the house the year before, and was so drunk he genuinely thought he still lived there.

He left without any problems, and now wants to patch things up with the current residents by going on a massive guys’ night out with them.

Lawyer George said: “It was terrifying. I sleep naked, so when I heard someone on the other side of the door, my immediate reaction was to get dressed and then put all my weight against my side of the door.

“Eventually the guy left my door alone, but none of my other housemates have locked doors, so he quickly woke the whole house up.

“Apparently James had tried to get into the front of the house, but he couldn’t.

“He only made it inside because the back door had accidentally been left open.”

Hero George

He added: “We all felt bad for kicking James out of the house. We sent him Facebook friend requests the morning after.

“He must have remembered and been all like ‘oh shit’ then, because he messaged us to say sorry and invite us on a night out. He’s not a bad guy, really.

“He tried so hard to get into my room because it used to be his. I bet if I didn’t get up to push back on the door, he’d have ended up in bed with me.”