Nominate your BNOC of the year

Who’s the biggest name in Sussex?


For those of you who don’t know, BNOC stands for biggest name on campus. Term 2 is drawing to a close, so it is the perfect time for BNOC nominations.

You can nominate anyone for any reason, yourself included (you narcissist). However, if you’re not sure what makes a BNOC, try these criteria on for size:

1. Disgusting levels of popularity

First and foremost, BNOCs can not be anonymous. They are so well known that even from the back in the Co-Op, everyone knows who they are.

2. Being THAT person

BNOCs can be super involved. You my not have met them, but you know what they’re involved with. They run about 5 societies, campaign, protest, have 3 jobs, 8 dogs…

3. Everybody knows their name

BNOCs can also not be involved with anything at all, but their name still spreads like wildfire even though no one is sure of exactly what they do.

If someone sprang to mind while you were reading, we want to know who.

We know there are people with BNOC potential out there somewhere in Sussex, so get your nominations into [email protected]

If your email could include a little bit of info about your nominee (3-4 lines is ideal), that would be fantastic. If you can also provide an embarrassing photo, that would be doubly fantastic.

This could be yours…


So, who will this year’s BNOC be? Library Cat? VC Farthing? The red-haired cleaner at the library who sports her glasses like no other? Tell The Tab.