Do Brighton students really have the most sex in the UK?

Sussex are lagging behind


In the last year, University of Brighton has climbed from 20th to 1st position in Student Beans’ university sex league, knocking Roehampton from top place. Brighton undergrads have an average of 10.59 sexual partners. Meanwhile, Sussex came in 61st, with an average of just 4.48 sexual partners.

We asked students around Brighton and Sussex campuses about their thoughts on this risqué statistic.

 Becca and Seb, Media Studies at Brighton

“Quite shocked. Doubt that the average person at brighton has slept with 10 people since we’ve been at uni. I’d be impressed if a student can sleep with 10 people. If you go somewhere like Coalition there’s gurning boys, they’re on it, they have no shame.” “I guess it all depends on where you go.”

Becca and Sarah, Primary Education at Brighton

Becca – “The massive jump up the league table is surprising – but then again it’s not surprising given attitudes at uni to sex…”

Sarah –  “I think it’s all a lie – and it’s probably the boys saying it!”

Shauna, Sociology and Social Policy at Brighton

“I’m not surprised at all – I hear my housemates and people on my course chatting about sex everyday. I definitely think the club scene encourages students – I’ve actually had a boyfriend for 2nd and 3rd year – I get it though – you’re away from home, it’s your first time alone and you feel some independence.”

Sarah, Christian, and Oliver, Primary Ed. at Brighton

Sarah – “That statistic doesn’t shock me in the slightest. Girls are easy – they are! It’s as point scoring to girls as it is to boys – the whole notch on the bed post thing. Having said that, I was a teen tyrant”

Chris, Stu and Alex, Linguistics at Brighton

Chris – “Brighton is sexually liberated. I mean, I don’t get any sex. But it must be happening somewhere.”

Stu  – “We’re all very hungover. Sex is good.”

Alex – “I’m in a monogamous relationship, so this isn’t true for me at least!”

Sam and Glen, History at Sussex

Sam – “I’m kind of surprised – and dubious to how accurate that statistic is – I haven’t slept with anyone here.”

Glenn – “Ah – Sus-sex.” “I’ve had a girlfriend since I started uni so I wouldn’t really know – but I think it’s very normalized and having lots of sexual partners isn’t so controversial anymore – unless you’re in a relationship, of course’.