A lot of people seem angry about the union’s now-cancelled Beyonce event

It’s caused outrage among feminists – who are notoriously hard to piss off


The SU have come under heavy fire from horrified feminists for their Facebook event entitled “I Heart Consent v Mrs Carter”.

The event, which was scheduled be held at 8pm on March 16th in Room 76, has been dubbed “misogynoir” and “not OK in principle”.

The event has since been cancelled.

The original event description, which appears to have caused most of the complaints, said: “Is Beyonce a feminist? Does her ownership of her sexuality and her body promote equality, or does it perpetuate the objectification of women and thus enforce rape culture in society?”

Critics said people should not be able to define another woman as a feminist, how these questions aimed at a woman of colour were racist, and how the ownership of one’s sexuality should never be pointed to as contributory to rape culture.

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Many were also outraged by the promise of “consent themed cocktails”, for “trivialising a serious issue.”

Susuana Antubam, NUS National Women’s Officer, also got involved, asking to speak to the creators of this event.

Emily Pinto wrote: “I don’t think it’s up to any of us to decide for another woman if she is a feminist? I don’t think it’s up to us to decide whether another woman’s  body ‘enforces rape culture’.

“I am actually fuming.”

The SU altered the event description due to the amount of complaints to read: “We want to facilitate a discussion around people taking ownership of their bodies and their sexualities.

“Beyoncé has been a prominent figure at the forefront of the feminist debate in recent years, but the feminism she promotes has received mixed reviews.

“Come along to get your Crazy in Love on for an event hosted by the Sussex I Heart Consent team volunteers to celebrate Women’s History Month.”

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