Falmer Bar want Sussex undergrad shortlisted for Mars mission to come celebrate with them

She may never return


Falmer Bar have called for potential Martian Zaskia Antel to come down and join them for a drink.

In a Facebook post, the bar extended their congratulations to the Mars prospect.

The post reads: “Congratulations to one of Sussex’s very own!

“Zaskia, come and celebrate with us in Falmer Bar – we promise, our drinks are out of this world!

“Sorry (not sorry) for the hilarious pun..”


20 year old Zaskia Antel, a current student at Sussex, has been shortlisted as one of the final 100 candidates who could embark on a mission to colonise Mars.

She says the thing she will miss most is about living on Earth (besides her beloved cat) is “the food as we will be vegetarian but I’ll get used to it”.

200,000 people applied to take part in the mission, including three postgrads at other UK universities. Zaskia said: “I have no idea why I’ve been chosen… probably because I love learning as that’s what life’s about – learning and having different experiences.”

Out of the final 100 candidates, 24 will be chosen for the final mission, after they are tested for stress. These 24 will probably be leaving the Earth behind forever, with shuttles being launched from 2024 onward. This doesn’t phase Zaskia, though. She said: “I think in 20 to 50 years we will be able to come back. I really believe that.”


Her family weren’t so keen on the idea of saying goodbye forever, but Zaskia still wants to go ahead and try her hand at becoming a colonist of Mars. She said: “The trip is perfect for me as I want to do something with my life and give something back. I love adventure and this would be the adventure of a lifetime.”