Brighton is full of Lads, and it needs to stop

Why would any classy girl, in her right mind, go for a desperate scummy guy?

The social acceptance of girls being reliant on men, and the notion that every appliance of lipstick and skirt above the knee is only to impress a man is a downright pretentious, and also more than a little outdated.

For some unknown reason, when a girl who takes pride in her appearance, wants to wear a short dress and heels and go out with the girls, she is apparently just gagging for an strange “man” with no career aspirations, short back and sides haircut and a fat old watch on his wrist to buy her a drink and whisk her away to his bedroom for one night of poor communication, and no doubt of being ignored in the morning.

The last time I checked, I dressed up for myself and put on an extra pair of false eye lashes for a few more Instagram likes. Every lass wants to feel confident that she’s not the token ugly one in her group of girlfriends. Girls do not dress up to be unreasonably abused for being a ‘tease’ when the wonderfully complimentary and honourable request to “come back and watch Netflix” is declined.


Let’s look at Pryzm Wednesdays. I see my friends and I as relatively classy girls who like to go out, and who know how to have a good time. Unfortunately, every member of the male species in the RnB Room seem to believe we are there to be groped and harassed, usually without our consent. More shockingly, these deluded boys think this is going to be a successful pulling strategy. Needless to say, I tend to disagree.


It’s about time that the boys of Brighton learnt that we girls are more impressed by a little courtesy and respect, than the fact you’ve spent your entire months’ wages (if you even have a job) on a VIP booth and a bottle of Grey Goose that’s entirely for show.

The problem with this sassy attitude of mine is that it appears that a girl that is secure with independence and confidence must also be an extreme feminist who is running an anti-male campaign in her secret lair. I’m not sure that this wild and stereo-typical accusation is fair. I’m not out murdering the patriarchy or dying my armpit hair, I just want to go out and have a bit of fun free from Lads groping me without my consent. Is that too much to ask?