Don’t care about the election? The SU want you to spoil your ballot

As opposed to not voting or registering

Our pen-pushing SU are encouraging apathetic students to “register…then spoil their vote” if they are fed up with current political parties.

In a Facebook post this weekend, the USSU page told layabout apathetes to “register”, “spoil their ballots” and “send Government a message” – as an alternative to just…doing nothing.


The post comes just days after every member of the SU staff body received an email encouraging them to keep their voting preferences private and give off the air of being impartial.

In this email, Emily Jane, an officer at the SU said: “In order that the Union itself is seen as staying independent and impartial during the election process, it is necessary to place some restrictions on how staff and volunteers distinguish their campaigning activity from official activity.”


The news comes at a time when Caroline Lucas will have been invited to Sussex no less than 3 times in 5 weeks, and when the SU voted to exclude UKIP from a debate.