Hot or Not

I tried this weird dating app called Hot or Not

We’ve all heard of Tinder, not so many people have heard of Hot or Not. I tried to find out why

The new app Hot or Not is similar to Tinder, but you get more of a chance of getting a match with someone near to you.

This means that if you’re sexting might want to watch out, you could end up bumping into your sext partner on campus…awkward.

Hot or Not

I installed Hot or Not to get a better idea of what kind of people use the app, and what they expect from it. Predictably, out of about 20 people I got messages from, 8 people were weird as hell.

The Hot or Not DM style is worse than Tinder

Chat up lines ranged from the classic “Are you DTF?” to my personal favorite “spread your legs I’ve got a spoon 😉 xxx”

Hot or Not

Some of us are just too Hot

The one that made me laugh the most was probably the copied and pasted message of “As part of this apps maintenance team I regret to inform you that you are above the sites maximum standard for looks, as you are clearly a 9/10 and this app is only for people who are a 6/10 max. Your account will be closed unless you reply with your name, number and favorite cuisine haha :-P”

You’ve got to give the lad credit for trying.

Hot or Not

Four people were genuinely amusing to chat to, the other nine didn’t even get past small talk, which was hardly a shocker.

There’s always a downside to apps like Hot or Not, namely that you purely judge people on looks. I am aware of how shallow this is, so using this app did made me feel like your stereotypical, self-elected and popular teen.

There’s also the fact that with Hot or Not, you don’t actually know whether the person you’re talking to is who they say they are. I mean, it’s more secure than the back alley abortion of chat site Omegle, but it’s far from 100% creep proof.

This begs the question of whether this app is just an easy way for kids to be creeped on whenever they need an ego boost, or if it could be a good way to meet new people. This really depends on the individual.

Is Hot or Not for you?

Negatives aside, I just can’t ignore the small amount of satisfaction that comes with when saying yes or no (even though most people won’t admit it).

All in all, Hot or Not and other similar apps are good for people just looking for a quick “chat” with a stranger. The people who use them definitely aren’t for people looking for lifelong friends or relationships, so, needless to say, I won’t be spending all my time on it.

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