Kippers on campus: Sussex students want a UKIP society

Union in ‘not keen on right-wingers’ shocker

A trio of Sussex students want to found a UKIP society. 

The three want to call their society “The Young Independence Society”, and are causing a stir among the Union Council.

One Societies Committee member told The Badger“We obviously support representation but we have worries about what’s in the newspapers about UKIP and how they, as a society, are going to stop those issues being spread.”

The Societies Committee are also not keen on the name. The same member said: “This university has post-grad students and mature students, students of varying ages. It feels like it’s almost UKIP trying to recruit in a young student areas, and we don’t like that”.

Jack Duffin, a Brunel third year, is standing for UKIP against Boris Johnson

Jack Duffin, a Brunel third year, is standing for UKIP against Boris Johnson

Campus is currently home to many political societies including Green, Lib Dem, and Conservative. The Lib Dems are in favor of the potential UKIP society. The president said: “Freedom of speech, expression and equality of opportunity are fundamentally being undermined if they are not allowed to form.”

The Conservative society are also in favour of UKIP founding a society. One member said: “I think a UKIP society is a step forward for Sussex in its movement towards representing everyone on campus, not just those who sit on the left side.

“Sussex is supposedly a university that claims it is for freedom of speech, so why not prove it?”


The news comes in the same week Sussex opted to exclude a UKIP candidate from a campus debate.

Union Council members voted in favour of excluding Nigel Carter from the debate.