Bus-tice at last: Brighton and Hove drop bus prices to £3 for students

Finally we’ve got a fare price

Almost all Sussex students can once more get cheaper travel with Brighton and Hove buses.

Earlier this year, prices for the daily fare rose to £3.70, an increase of 70p from the original £3 fare. Abraham “Abe” Baldry, President of the Student’s Union, vowed in his manifesto to reduce the cost of public transport in Brighton – and he’s only gone and done it. Brighton and Hove buses are now offering up a £3 daily student fare.

Though, of course, there’s a catch.

If you’re living in town, you won’t be able to hop on the bus and simply pay £3. If you don’t have the m-tickets app, you’ll need a Student Key Card in order to get the reduced rate, and on top of that you’ll only be able to get a weekly pass, a 90-day pass, or an annual pass.

buse tickets

If you’re studying a subject with an intense amount of contact hours, or if you’re a BA babe or bro who is just particularly keen and enjoys spending many days in the library, this is possibly the best thing you’ve heard since discovering brownies in Library Cafe are reduced on a Friday afternoon.

If however, you’re the lazy type or only actually have Uni for two days a week, it’s potentially pretty pointless. Brighton and Hove bus company said it “hasn’t been confirmed” whether the daily ticket will be introduced to the Student Key Card, but at least we’ve made a step in the right direction toward cheaper travel.