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Congratulations! You’ve officially survived Sixth Form – exam stress, badly timed spots, and awkward encounters with the opposite gender are behind you…and in front of you.

Welcome to university, where you’re a responsible adult with no inclination to act as such, there’s way more free time but far less money to take advantage of it.

You now have the great honour of being able to call yourself a part of Sussex – an honour also once bestowed upon the likes of Frankie Boyle, Billy Idol, and international drug smuggler Howard Marks.

A Tab social

We are the Sussex wing of a news website run by students. We have links to VICE, the Telegraph, Buzzfeed, the Guardian and pretty much every other broadsheet, so if you are looking for a job after your degree in journalism, we are your best shot.

We will pay up to £500 for a good news story that other people don’t have yet. Recently we have broke the story about Jeremy Kyle being pepper-sprayed by a bouncer in Magaluf, Spencer Mathews and his penis escapades and about England cricketer Gary Ballance getting loose in a club in Nottingham. All of those stories made the national papers.

We even got to meet Lembit

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As well as our free annual booze-ups in London we also have weekly socials, connections to some of Brighton’s biggest club nights and of course Tab t-shirts.

If you want to get involved in the writing side drop me an email at [email protected] and we can get started on some articles.

Come to Falmer bar at 5 this Tuesday (the 30th) to meet some of the Tab HQ bigwigs and get a few free drinks.