A song of house and whining: Hodor DJ gig sees locals whinge about noise


Game of Thrones hero Hodor came under fire for DJ-ing a set in front of thousands of Sussex students – for being too loud.

Irish actor Kristian Nairn, who stars in the HBO fantasy, is performing at British universities as part of his Rave of Thrones tour.

But the gentle giant – who can only say the word ‘Hodor’ in the series – caused trouble when he performed at the University of Sussex on Sunday night.

A menace to society

A menace to society

Police confirmed that several locals rang to complain about the loudness of the music coming from the Game of Thrones-themed tent at the Falmer campus.

Local David Whitmore said: “We were subjected to very loud beat music which appeared to emanate from the Stanmer Park area.

“It sounded like a rave.

“It was so loud it could be heard above our television despite all our windows, which are new and are designed to seal against noise, being closed.

“When I contacted the police they said they had been inundated with complaints.”

Artist and visionary

Artist and visionary

Another resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I don’t care who he is on telly, nothing needs to be that loud.”

Kristian, 38, stands an impressive 6’10” tall, and plays the part of Bran Stark’s loyal-but-simple stableboy and mount in the popular show.

After his set, he tweeted: “Great night in Brighton at #ussu #freshers #tent #HODOR.”

Sussex Police said: “We had some calls about the noise.

“We also had calls from the organisers to let us know that they were having a party with a capacity of 2,000 and had been liaising with environmental health, had high levels of security and it was due to go on until 1am.

“We did have a few calls from people saying: ‘What the hell’s going on?’

“But it was all above board and they did reduce the noise levels and bass frequency to keep people happy.”

Sussex Students Union insisted they had complied with licensing conditions and music levels were monitored.

Spokesman Michael Segalov said: “We endeavour to engage with the local community at all times and we are sorry if people were concerned by the noise.

“Whilst we followed all the of licensing and environmental health legislation in future we will work to ensure that all residents are more informed about any activity such as this.”