Med student selling her virginity online reveals her face…and the latest bid stands at £330,000

28-year-old virgin exposes face as bids for her virginity reach $550k

The American student selling her virginity to the highest bidder has revealed her face to the world.

Since The Tab last reported her plans to auction her flower, ‘Elizabeth Raine’ has exposed her face as bids reach a staggering $550k (£327,000).

The face that launched a bidding war

The mysterious med student posted scantily clad pictures of her body on the internet as part of the virginity auction.

And the teasing photos have been drawing in the offers since the online bidding war began on the 31st March.

But now, in what looks like a last minute bid to rake in the cash, the short haired blonde has released pictures of her face.

The controversial auction has now reached its final week – and desperate men from around the world have been coming to the table with their offers to take the 28-year-old to bed.

Leaving more to the imagination of the hungry bidders, ‘Elizabeth’ had chosen to keep her face anonymous until now – and now she hopes the more extravagant offers will come rolling in.

Elizabeth hoped to raise £250,000, but her raunchy pics have bagged her a greedy £327,000 so far.

Liz even runs her own blog

The self professed ‘virgin whore’ confesses that money is her main motivation but also admits she’s a fan of adventure, eroticism and scandal.

Photoshopped? Airbrushed? 550k says some people out there clearly don’t care

Posting on her website, the blonde student does not think that virginity is highly valued in general. But on a personal level she admits “I value my virginity enormously and cannot be made to feel as if this is wrong.”

Opinions on Elizabeth’s auction have been divided. The Tab’s Liam Evans labelled Liz “a tragically pretentious wank stain of humanity”, while Michael Taylor respected the med student’s commercial decision.

Elizabeth’s identity was shrouded in mystery before this week

Those willing to fork out more than $550k can expect much more than a spoon. The lucky winner will be treated to a whole twelve hours with the student.

Elizabeth said: “The winning bidder will receive a 12-hour date with me, during the course of which he will be offered my virginity.”

But the 5ft 10 student doesn’t rule out falling in love with the winning bidder and describes being attracted to taller and older men.

She has also eliminated half of her potential market by ruling out sleeping with women.

The bidding ends on the 7th May when Elizabeth’s fate will lie in the hands of men around the world and their riches.