ARGUMENT: Is this student selling her virginity a terrible human being?

Two privileged middle class white males debate the ethics of selling your virginity online

Medical student Elizabeth Raine is auctioning off her virginity online.

Elizabeth is hoping to raise £250,000 by auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder, in a twelve hour “date”.  What do you think about it?

As a responsible 21st century publisher, we’ve asked two white, middle class men what they think about this.

Arguing that Ms. Raine is “a tragically pretentious wank stain of humanity” is Liam Evans, editor of The Tab at Sussex, while Newcastle’s Michael Taylor thinks the medical student is making an excellent business decision.


Other than her arrogant self-belief in an apparent 12 hour sex stamina (not even Ron Jeremy could do the sex for that long), she elaborates on her conceited egotistical nature by claiming to be not just good looking, but also “sensationally stunning”.

Elizabeth is a 27-year-old medical student, and a full time colossal thunderfuck, but she claims to be a “truly remarkable lady” and “one of the most charmed ladies to have ever lived”. You sound like a bellend mate.

When asked why she was a virgin, Elizabeth claimed “I am already in the midst of a love affair… with medicine”. What a tragically pretentious wank stain of humanity.

The Daily Mail branded this is a transition from “virgin to whore”, which is exactly the sort of headline Elizabeth “fuck me for 12 hours” Raine wants. Her pathetic attempt to turn this into a feminist campaign is a poorly covered up effort to make money off some poor sod who doesn’t get enough at home.


This unoriginal effort follows in the likes of Rosie Reid, who sold her virginity for £8,400, Catarina Migliorini, for an unbelievable £485,000, and Alina Percea, for a fucking computing degree.

Mrs. Raine has 34A boobies and green eyes. For a quarter of a million, I’d at least want double Ds. And I got a feeling these photos she’s put up have been more photoshopped than Ian Watkins’ babysitting photos.

Liz is planning on taking this shin-dig to Australia because the prostitution laws are more “relaxed” over there. But it’s okay, because she is planning on paying her tax anyway. What a fucking martyr.

To be fair, there are pros and cons.


You will reverse the last 100 years of feminist achievements.
You make Jesus unhappy.
It promotes weird creepy men with money getting whatever they want.
It’s illegal.
She’s admitted doing it for the ‘scandal’.
It’ll distract her from her studies.
What happens if she falls in love and we have to put up with another Pretty Woman-esque scenario?

The bidding, which starts on April 1st has led to some conclusions that this might be an April Fools’ joke. Even if this is a prank, the whole façade is a cluttering ball of crap. Well done… you got us… twat.


Elizabeth Raine is nothing more than an attention seeking self-absorbed woman taking on an act through a means that is dominated by criminals, trafficked children, and forced drug addiction. By attributing the logic behind this decision to her private school education and “intelligent mind”, she undermines a slowly professionalizing business sector and offers no more than a false rationale behind an industry that is currently ravaged in crime and sorrow… And she sounds like a dick.

I wouldn’t even want to go for a pint with this idiot let alone stick my johnson in her for 12 fucking miserable hours. This Katie Hopkins copycat can do us all a favour and just do one.

Liam Evans is the editor of The Tab Sussex.


Not a selfie, maybe her Dad took it

Aside from thinking a little too highly of herself, selling her virginity is an excellent business proposal. The price value of something you own is completely up to what someone else is going to pay for it, and if she can be made for life in just twelve hours then why not? Lots of girls regret their first time. At least if Elizabeth regrets it, she’s going to be rich. And can buy lots of clothes and shoes.

As “feminists” disagree with Page 3 and scantily-clad club promoters, the irony is lost on them that they are arguing for womens’ equality yet trying to decide what other women can and cannot do. Has anyone bothered to ask a Page 3 girl  what she wants? Well actually, yes they have. I guess some women are just more equal than others…

As well as being one of the “most charmed ladies to have ever lived”, Elizabeth also studies medicine, so it can be safely assumed she’s not completely thick. She’s made a logical decision yet apparently this is setting women’s rights back several decades. So even if Elizabeth invests her money wisely and becomes completely independent in a patriarchal society, this is still somehow a bad thing. Unless you’re religious or waiting for the “one”, most people probably don’t class their virginity as being anything special.

Miss Raine’s brother is not too pleased with his sister proclaiming to be a whore, and many other males will undoubtedly take the opportunity to label Liz a slut, insisting that no woman with any dignity would do that. It’s almost as if they cherish the memory of losing their virginity on a park bench, tanked up with white lightning, and definitely would not have taken £250,000 for a days’ work of sex were they offered it.


“Lastly, I would like to add that while my virginity does have a price, my self-respect is absolutely priceless.”

Perhaps the only thing wrong with the business deal is the way she’s arrogantly going about it. Whilst she is literally trying to sell herself, £250,000 is a lot for a pair of As and missionary, and at 27 she’s getting on a bit.  And then what happens if the highest bidder claims she doesn’t look like her pictures?

Maybe she’s really clever, and by getting more attention she is exponentially increasing her price. Who knows. It’s a sweet deal though.

 Michael Taylor is a writer for The Tab Newcastle.

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