IRA attack Brighton

Bomb on Queens road linked to Republicans

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Last month we revealed that a bomb delivered to a military recruitment center in Brighton led to the closure of the town centre.

We can now tell you, although yet to be confirmed, that the attack is suspected to be led by the IRA.

The bomb in Brighton was one in a string of attacks around army recruitment centers throughout the UK.

We have reason to be believe these bombs were sent by the IRA. This is what we know:

  1. The letters bombs had an Irish postmark on them
  2. A coded message was sent to a Northern Irish newspaper and to Downing Street incriminating the IRA
  3. One expert said the bombs were the “hallmarks of Northern Ireland-related terrorism”

MP Ivan Lewis clearly stated that these attacks were “another attempt by dissidents to reverse the progress we have seen in Northern Ireland over the past 15 years”.

This wouldn’t be the first time the IRA have bombed Brighton. Back in 1984 when Maggie Thatcher and her cronies were staying in the famous Grand Hotel for the Tory party conference, the IRA planted a time-bomb in one of the rooms in the hotel, killing 5 and injuring 31.

We await a statement from the IRA about this latest attack but we can confirm staunch Republican, Gary Donnelly, has been quoted as saying that these bombs are a part of “strategic attacks on high profile targets”.

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