Should I Take MDMA?

The Tab discusses whether MD is really that MAzing…


This article wishes to avoid debating the exact science of MDMA or any mainstream media frenzied facts which could convince you it’s worse than snorting arsenic. Instead it is here to sit on the fence and compare some of the short term pros and cons of dabbling with the widely popular drug.

The Student Room’s ‘helpful’ views on MDMA

The Heightened Experience
So the most common reason for doing said drug is the fun-factor, more or less any social activity is going to increase in ‘fun’ alongside a date with Miss Mandy as the positivity flows, the music sounds better and you find a new sense of warmth for those around you.


Activities under the influence are best saved for an occasion that can be spent with others also taking part or you may come across like this guy:

As for those endorphins that spill out of one’s body all night, well they could take a little while to regenerate; the following day usually requires a Seth Rogan/ Jonah Hill/ Sasha Baron Cohen (delete as appropriate) marathon along with a few cuddles from your closest acquaintances.

The Friends You Make
It matters not if you’re a natural introvert or extrovert, when buzzing on MDMA no subject of conversation is too outlandish and there is no end to the connection you can establish with the person who you’ve met less than twenty seconds ago. You may literally have just found a lead singer for that band you’ve been meaning to start, maybe you’ve just unlocked a new shared perspective of philosophical inquiry or maybe, just maybe you both support the same football club (anything is possible).

Danny Dyer speaks of the fundamental differences between the light and dark side of the force…


These connections don’t last forever, in fact they quite often disappear when the sun rises and that 6am joint comes calling, most of what you and your new friend discussed will become lost in the great abyss of last night’s blurred memories and the bits that you do remember will probably just make you cringe.

Cheer up Danny, one day you’ll be landlord of the Queen Vic.

The Price

From a student’s perspective MDMA can be a fairly cheap option for a night out. Of course the higher one’s tolerance, the higher price one pays for this experience which is one reason for not taking it in excess- here are some more:

-The Gurn: It may not be noticeable to you, but it is to the person next to you and the bar staff, the bouncer, the girl/ guy you try it on with…

No bass face can compete with this

-The Unnecessary Times: Going to Trash Mondays and taking MDMA, staying in to play Xbox and taking MDMA, doing a night shift and taking MDMA*- but a few of many examples of when it’s probably time to lay off it.
*All real encountered examples

-The Ultimate Come Down: What goes up must come down, it’s a natural emotional response to dabbling with the drug but at some point the come down will outweigh the good times and that’s usually a result of taking it excessively.

The most obvious thing to say on the subject is that if you don’t want to take it then don’t, if you have enough fun without it then don’t feel obliged, if you can pull all-nighters on beer and vodka and remain perky until the 6am train then be proud of your unrelenting resistance to sleep and don’t. MDMA isn’t for everyone, while for many people it’s a blast- it simply comes down to the individual.

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