It’s The Tab Wot Won It: Government change plans to close pubs for World Cup games

Tab campaign results in Government U-turn on plan to close pubs during England’s World Cup football games.

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Every great media source claims to have won a campaign; The Sun claims to have won the 1992 General Election for the Conservatives, The Daily Mirror supported the successful Snowdrop campaign to ban all handguns in Britain, and now The Tab with its dogged support to overturn a government decision on pub opening hours during the World Cup has achieved the same victory.

After our support for the petition, our backing of the Facebook page, and our own article – condemning the Home Office’s decision not allowing pubs to show the opening and closing games of England’s world cup group stage, due to a late kick off of 11pm – the Prime minister himself has ordered a ‘re-think’ on the decision.

Initially the Home Office stated that pubs would not be allowed extended licensing hours because the World Cup was not a “national celebration”, however Aston Villa fan David Cameron has overruled the decision as he views the World Cup as a “major sporting event” and believes that keeping pubs open so we can watch the games in our local until 1am is in “national interest”.

I NekNominate George Osborne, Nick Clegg & Eric Pickles

The British Beer & Pubs Association said that this change of heart is “common sense” and makes for “fantastic news for thousands of publicans and millions of football fans”.

Cheers boys!