Crouching tiger, hidden rodent: Brighton’s Asian restaurants slammed by Food Standards Agency

Asian restaurants throughout Brighton score appallingly low in Food Hygiene ratings.

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The Food Standards Agency keep up to date records with hygiene standards throughout the UK. However after a look at their findings, it appears many of the varied Asian cuisines throughout Brighton fall well bellow acceptable standards.

Sukhothai Palace

This ‘palace’ claims to offer “authentic” Thai food cooked by “experienced” chefs. A newspaper report in January claimed that the Palace has to be closed down due to a chronic contamination of mice in the food preparation area, hardly appe-thai-zing. The Food Standard Agency has given them a rating of 0!


Okinami claim to make Brighton’s best Japanese. But they only received a 1 from the FSA. This restaurant is owned by DJ Norman Cook (becuase food preparation and acid house go so well together). One food critic has called it his “worst meal experience in Brighton”.

China Town

This place has got a big fat 0 in its hygiene rating. The plethora of negative reviews across the Internet got boring to read, but it’s nice to see the word ‘minging’ still has a home.

Siam Thai

“Food tasty but about 1hr later I was ill, terrible pains in my stomach and then up all night, and next day still bad”. A far from Thai-riffic review. And it explains its rating of 1.