Banned Sussex rugby team try to pull down tree

Exiled student rugby boys attempt tree-felling in a hilarious clip.

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Since the 30th May 2013, the Men’s Sussex rugby team has been banned from competing. This decision was made because tour got a bit messy and a coach got a bit broke; the club is now banned for two years. However a petition is in full swing to get the society reinstated.

In the mean time, the ‘Sussex Exiles’ have been continuing to play rugby games, fundraising, and tearing up Oceana every Wednesday. Last week, the rugby team on their annual trip out with the National Trust tried their hands at tree felling…

The clubs commitment to philanthropic action illustrates their justification to be reinstated. This is highlighted as they have been nominated for an RFU award for Player Retention. In addition, the Exiles are running a charity karaoke night at Falmer bar on Thursday, you can find out more on their Facebook group.