Beer, football & pubs: ConDem government close pubs

Government rulings mean pubs can’t show England play at the 2014 World Cup.

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Being a student is hard; all the drinking, smoking and staying up late takes its toll. But the powers that be constantly try and stop us from doing what we do best; beer tax has risen 35% in the last three years, we haven’t been able to smoke inside since 2007, and now Mr. Cameron and his cronies are trying to stop us from watching the football in our pubs.

As the world cup is being held in Brazil this Summer, some of England’s games start at 11pm. So pubs united to request the Home Office to extend licensing hours to 1am. The Home Office allowed this to happen during the Queens Jubilee and the Royal Wedding. However they have denied it for this occasion because the world cup is not “a national celebration”.

Norman Baker, the man who rejected down this bid, apart from being a colossal thunderfuck, is also a Member of Parliament right here in East Sussex. And in his free time he likes to make cringey Youtube videos.

If pubs were allowed to serve for an extra 2 hours longer, they would look to make £20 million. Not everyone can afford to fly to Brazil, and the atmosphere of watching your country in your local is the next best thing.

The Tab is supporting the campaign to get these killjoy ministers to change their mind; so have a sign of the petition and a look at the Facebook page