Student Union President nominations!

Time is running out to nominate yourself as a candidate to run for Sussex University Student Union President.

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With only 4 days to go to nominate yourself as a potential President the contest is hotting up. Once all candidates have applied by the 5th of February then we, the students, get to vote for whom we want to be our leader by divine right.

Our current President Kelly has served her two terms, and now the floor is open for a new commander-in-chief to lead us through the bureaucracy.

Will we have a repeat of the Oxford Student Union scandal where ‘LJ Trup’ wrote his manifesto in crayon, re-enacted Braveheart as his campaign speech, promised to achieve world-peace should he win and proposed to remove the middle of the term to defeat ‘mid-term blues’? LJ Trup went on to win the election (many believe due to the Tabs support of him), and is now Union President of Britain’s most famous establishment.

This begs questions for our own elections; are student elections a joke? Can the Tab influence voting decisions down here as well? And when you choke a smurf, what colour does it turn?