Lawyer backing the Sussex 5 stalls disciplinary hearing

The lawyer defending the students in question wins the battle to temporarily cancel disciplinary hearing.

campus Farthing geoffrey robertson lawyer occupy privitisation sussex sussex 5 university

Geoffrey Robertson, the smart lawyer, has done some smart lawyering and managed to temporarily cancel the disciplinary hearing that was going to decide the fate of the Sussex 5.

I bet he’s well smart

Mr. Lawyer did some digging and found that one of the chairs in the hearing was a man called Professor Michael Davis. Well it turns out that Davis has openly criticized the occupation on national radio and thus the hearing would be bias.

Another concern included the fact that the vice-chancellor was chairing the hearing (the same man the students are in trouble for in the first place for protesting against). This sowed even further doubt that the hearing would be impartial.

No-one knows what’s next in store for the Sussex 5, but with this guy at the helm it seems as if they are in safe hands in their fight against Mr. Farthing and the privitisation of campus.