Twerking, Twitter abuse and trouser-less Paddy: Dolly dishes the dirt on her Take Me Out experience

The Tab’s Sean Fitzsimons gets an exclusive interview and all the backstage gossip with Take Me Out contestant Dolly.

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After turning single and thinking to herself “it’s my ex’s favourite show so why not?”, University of Brighton student Dolly spent two weeks on the hit ITV dating programme Take Me Out. Fresh from her date with fulltime posh boy Fergus, she tells all to The Tab about her experience on prime time Saturday night television.

Student sweetheart Dolly

It may seem like many blokes’ idea of heaven being in a room with thirty women potentially itching to sink their claws into one’s bold exterior. Dolly admits that being on the other side of the panel was a terrifying prospect for her initially; “being a guy’s girl, I was overwhelmed by how much oestrogen was in the room… and shrieking, a lot of shrieking”.

Behind the scenes the female contestants’ backstage antics consisted of “a lot of twerking competitions” she says, “we’re locked away in a room and don’t get to see any guys until the show”, which may explain some of those classic word vomits from the ladies, something that the unforgiving world of social network abuse likes to latch on to. “Some of the girls get slated, it’s all a bit cringey and fun, they regret it afterwards but everyone’s really supportive”.

…Twitter takes the moral high ground once again

The show can be an unforgiving place for those brave male souls who descend upon the lift to perform tricks for the thirty feisty females. It can be tough and unfortunately some poor sods do end up leaving empty handed.

Come on ladies, what’s not to like?

But these girls aren’t picky by any means, even Dolly admits that she needed to soften up when it came to leaving that infamous likey light on, “You have to play the game, there are only four guys on each show and I thought as long as they seem fun… plus I wanted to go to Fernando’s”.

Not bad eh?

Although the 21 year old admits that granddads would be pushing the boat out a little too far, “I’d turn off if they were too old; I’m not a fan of the age-gap”.

But soften up she did and it only took two shows for the self named ‘bandit amongst the lads’ Fergus to snap up the globalisation student and jet off to that world renown paradise, “He was nice, he was posh and I knew he’d be a gentleman… although there was this cheeky side to him which was a bit insulting”.

Who’s a cheeky boy then?

Although it went well between them, some things just aren’t meant to be. “We haven’t been for another date” she says, “he was keen, but time passed… I think I see him as a friend”.

Too bad old chap

The part-time model also admitted to fancying host Paddy McGuiness before going on the show, “so many girls do, just because he’s so funny”.

She revealed how his scenes often needed to be cut from episodes because of the Bolton born cupid’s tendencies to curse and swear in reaction to the female contestants’ answers, “he’d always get told off down his ear piece, there was one round of the show where he walked around with his trousers down, refusing to pull them up”.

Maybe cheese really is the way to a girls heart

So what was it about Dolly that stood out to old Fergus from the rest of the Take Me Out girls?

“The crab dance! It’s not the first time it’s worked either… it was the ice breaker for the guy that I’m seeing now”.

…if she can crab, she’s a keeper

Take Me Out may not have found her true love but she says “you don’t go on there expecting to find the one, it’s just a bit of fun”. Dolly summed up her time on the show as “kind of tragic, really cheesy but one of the best experiences”. The Tab wishes her well on the road to true romance.