Sussex sucks at University Challenge

Sussex graduates get knocked out of University Challenge in first round against Leicester

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Four apparently prominent Sussex graduates, even though I have never heard of any of them, got battered by Leicester in the first round of University Challenge.

Clearly not embarrassed enough by the defeat, one contestant added to the whole experience with some shamefully awful banter; Claudia Hammond said “The Sussex University motto is ‘Be still and know’, but in my case it was more a question of ‘Be still and not know the answer'”… Lol

We are the third most successful university in University Challenge history, with two whole victories. But we also have the record for achieving the lowest ever score (10 points).

Sussex, who are ranked joint 10th best university in the UK by the official World University Ranking System, scored a wack 60 points against Leicester, joint ranked 29th, who reached 125.

Our representatives were Rob Bonnet a sports journalist who studied English, Simon Fanshawe a comedian who got his law degree with us, Alice Arnold a writer and broadcaster who did politics, and Claudia Hammond who is also a writer and broadcaster and studied Applied Psychology. They all have Wikipedia pages so they must be slightly prominent…