Overheard – Week 3: Sussex Snow Edition

This third edition of our very own elite ramblings come all the way from France

campus eavesdropping gossip overheard sussex university

This week’s Overheard finds our creeper halfway up a French Alp, surrounded by Snipers using bullshit for ammunition. When mum’s away…

eavesdropping 3

“Technically all milk comes from boobs.” Overheard on the longest coach ride of my life.

“LSE: London school of idiots.” Overheard at a French Petrol Station.

“I have a double bed but there’s no space for anyone else because I own a life size ewok.” Overheard in the Hotel lobby.

“That sunset is beautiful. I want to go and find a pot of gold at the end of it.” Overheard from my balcony.

“You look so much like Binky.” “What is Binky, a teletubby?” Overheard on a Ski Lift.

“Maddy, why have you left your dick of eggs everywhere?!” Overheard in the kitchen.

“I’ll snap both your ankles then take you for a hot chocolate.” Overheard in a mountain cafe.

“It’s a horrible fact, but if I went as hard as I could, I could definitely kill a woman.” Overheard at Bar King Mad.

“I would suck milk from the udders of a French cow.” Overheard at the Supermarket.

“My ski boots are REALLY hurting.” Overheard in the Emergency Medical Centre.