How to nail painting festive fingernails

A guide in how to paint your nails with a Christmas twist.

christmas festive fingernail nail painting

Christmas is just around the corner so now is the right time for a Christmas nail tutorial. This cute little penguin in the snow design is cute and quite easy so everyone can have a go.

The things I’ve used for this design are: clear, light blue, red, orange, black and white nail varnish, and dotting tools (If you don’t have a dotting tool, you can use a cocktail stick or anything slightly pointy).

First of all put a layer of clear nail varnish on to protect your nails.

Put a layer of the light blue nail varnish on for the background.

Then add white at the bottom of the nail and white dots for the snow.

Now use the dotting tool and the black nail varnish to create the penguin’s body.

Now, add the penguin’s features with the dotting tools and the white, black and orange nail varnish.

Finally add the little Santa hat to your little penguin with the red and white polish and your dotting tool.

And there you are. A simple and cute Christmas nail design.