Overheard – Week 2

The second installment of daily ramblings from the academic elite down here in Brighton.

| UPDATED A collection of daily ramblings from the academic elite. campus eavesdropping overheard sussex university week 2

Our eavesdropping extraordinaire has been on another trip round Brighton to listen into your conversations this week. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

“I really don’t like taking painkillers for my period because that’s giving the government what they want” – Overheard with a faint whiff of weed on the train.

“I prefer the Falmer sport centre because of the high rate of females” – Overheard on the N25

“So I put dog biscuits in her shoes” – Overheard at East Slope

“I didn’t realise people were legitimately anarchists” – Overheard in Library Square

“My tinnitus is so prevalent” – Overheard outside Coalition

“You do love her though?” “No I don’t.” “Well then why did you have sex with her?!” – Overheard in Pandora.

“You need to affiliate yourself with one of the many Marxist groups available on campus” – Overheard in Bramber House

“That’s the whole point of a protest; to wear as much yellow as you can. I’m going to dig out my old sex pistols tee shirt and my small yellow guitar” – Overheard on the N25

“Drinking alone in a onesie is NEVER a good idea” – Overheard in the GP surgery waiting room.

“The alternative is you having to watch me wear the same pants for two days. That is NOT an option” – Overheard in the launderette.

“Oh, I thought paper was just really thinly sliced tree trunk” Overheard in the Laines

“Whats the best thing to come out of Wales” “NASA” – Overheard on Lewes Road

“Are they here for The Tab?! What are The Tab doing here?!” – Overheard on the N25 (busted… again)

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