7 of the weirdest societies

University is a hub for the weird and wonderful. Here is just the weird. The weird societies to be specific.

brighton cat croquet hummus larp niclas cage odd pirate society sussex university

Brighton is renowned for its originality and embracing of the unconventional, so it’s no surprise this attitude extends to university life. Sussex university has some of the oddest, strangest and downright weirdest collection of official societies. Here are our top 7.

Hummus society

There is nothing weird about hummus, however, meeting up to solely discuss, make, and eat the chick-pea delicacy is odd to say the least. Who can like the stuff so much that this is the society for them? Someone needs to kill this society off… But then they would probably just start a posthummus society (sorry).

The hummus society reunion class of ’97

LARP society

Live Action Role Play is often, frequently, and easily bullied, we intend not to resort to such demeaning tactics. BUT it is weird. Grown adults bounding around in leather and metal pretending to be goblins is weird. Bound away if it makes you happy, but you are unequivocally an odd congregation of people. However I did hear it is a great way to meet elves…

Lucky he has a bat-wielding-protection-invisible-force-field-spell on his face

Cat society

I thought they were kitten me when I heard this is a society. I only assume that these pussy lovers meet up every week to discuss their future plans of being lonely spinsters. I’m feline that this might be the weirdest of all the societies.

Croquet society

Croquet is just cricket for even more boring people. They invite you to join for a “giggle”; I can guarantee that at best you might chuckle, once. What exactly would croquet banter include? It’s weird because croquet is weird, people that play croquet are weird, and the society is weird.

Nicolas Cage appreciation society

“We aspire to create an open, exciting and thriving community focused around the incredibly bonding performances of the great and inspirational theatrical artist Nicholas Cage”… What? That’s so weird. He’s not even a good actor, someone needs to lock him up and throw away the keys… Nicolas Caged

Pirate society

General pirate based activities are weird enough, but making a university approved organisation to commit acts of piracy is weird. Apparently they tried to take over the students union once. I imagine this collection of weirdoes have real trouble with their ships… Relationships.

We’ll let them off the hook for this one, apparently the social went swimmingly well…

Odd society

These people meet up because they are weird. They talk about being weird. And presumably do weird things. This assortment of eccentrics are proud of being weird and this list would not be complete without them.