Look! It’s people wearing clothes! Campus Style!

This seasons fashion trends modeled by campus’s gorgeous inhabitants.


Over in fashion world, Autumn/Winter 2013, saw an influx of what the powers that be are calling, the ‘grunge’ or ‘punk’ look, as seen most famously on the catwalk of Versace. This saw models covered in black netting, lacquered vinyl,  studded leather jackets and thigh-high leather boots. However, if that’s not quite for you, then the easiest way to approach this trend is to wear anything tartan, checked, or plaid. Still uncertain about how to approach this trend? Let these pros show you how it’s done.

If like me, you’re slightly tentative of this trend out of fear of looking like either a lumberjack or a Scottish man. Take note from Helena,  Frankie, Rhianna and Anna.

Helena Mardon, Second Year, Law and American Studies

Frankie Jeffryes , Second Year, Maths

Rhianna Whyms and Anna Cantley, Both Third Year, History & Sociology and History & English

Stepping things up a notch are Elliot and Amelia

Elliot Termote, First Year, Media

Amelia Clarke, Third Year, Vocals

Lastly there’s Thea, who like doesn’t even go here, but I found her in the lanes and couldn’t resist including her, considering she’s wearing a tartan kilt, which, get this, used to be her school skirt.

Thea Deakin, Second Year , History (at Bristol)