Coventry University Campus Style: Autumnal vibes

When it’s still early enough in the year to make an effort

Three weeks into term one and all these Cov Uni students are looking fresh af.

Don’t get used to it though – by week six everyone will be back in hoodies and joggers.

So we’ve cherry picked the very best of the best dressed for your viewing pleasure, while we still can…

Chiyonce, Second year, Law

Aafira, Art and Design Foundation Course

Japhet, Second year, Fine Art

Aisha, First year, Health and Life Science

Elorm, Second year, Psychology

Ryan, Second year, Graphic Design

Hannah and Lauren, First years, Marketing and Advertising

Ilhan, First year, English and TEFL

Shupei Sun, Second year, Illustration and Graphics 

Merel, MA Collaborative Theatre Making

Muhammad, Second year, Economics

Naomi, First year, Criminal Psychology

Naza, Second year, Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

Okereke, First year, Computer Hardware and Software Engineering

Rishi, First year, Physiotherapy


Rokas, Second year, Mechanical Engineering 

Siqi, MA Graphic Design

Sonia, Post Grad, Biomedical Science

Tom, Second year, Engineering

Photos by Emma McGarry